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Supporting your body with a low inflammatory diet is so important with breast implants. 

The Mediterranean Diet is a great place to start. Eating colorful fruits, vegetables, olive oil, coconut or avocado oils, lean organic chicken, turkey or wild caught fish & seafood is the key.

Avoiding all seed oils, processed foods, sugars and limiting gluten and dairy (commonly inflammatory is essential. Smoothies with grass-fed collagen or organic vegan proteins are great too!

lf you are struggling with elevated liver enzymes and have difficulty absorbing fats than a plant based (no processed foods) diet may be best for you. I highly recommend food intolerance testing so you know which foods to avoid for inflammation

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The First Thing In the Morning...

I like to get in whole plant nutrition and naturally up my detoxification pathways to support my hormone balance. I take ORGANIFI daily. I also use their GREENS, RED, HARMONY & GLOW.

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