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REDOX signaling molecules are "DNA Whisperers"!

ASEA signals cells to be healthy.

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I drink ASEA REDOX everyday. It was the missing link for expediting my healing process and restoring my energy after my infection from surgery. I drink two ounces in the morning on any empty stomach and another two ounces in the evening before bed. My body has experienced so much cellular damage from 17 years with breast implants, numerous surgeries and multiple rounds of antibiotics.  

For me, ASEA REDOX is the liquid cellular support my body was missing. 



I had given up on my explant adhesions and restoring blood flow until I started using RENU28. In the beginning, when I was at my worst, I was applying RENU28 on my breasts 3-4 times a day. I was trying to heal from the infection caused by my failed fat transfer. I never expected the changes that began to take place with my adhesions and limited blood flow!! Now that I have improved so drastically, I apply RENU28 once a day, massaging firmly for 2-3 minutes, after showering. My whole family uses RENU28 for skincare, cuts, scars, burns and pretty much EVERYTHING that needs cellular support.


• immune system
• hormone modulation 
• inflammatory response 
• digestive function
• cardiovascular system


Results when measured with a

Laser Doppler Flowmetry: 

  • 49% blood flow increase within 15 minutes of first application

  • 34% blood flow increase one-hour post initial application

  • 35% blood flow increase three hours post initial application

  • 44% blood flow increase 48 hours into the study

  • 55% blood flow increase 96 hours into the study

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Three years after my explant I was still suffering from adhesions & limited blood flow, until I began using ASEA RENU 28. 

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RENU has earned the title of "BOOB FLUFFER" because of its amazing ability to increase blood flow and expedite breast tissue restoration after being compressed by the implants.*

*Not intended as medical advice.

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Full retail price and no subscription required.

This is a great option if you just want to test out the RENU 28 gel. ($50 + shipping and tax)

Ordering ASEA REDOX Cell Signaling liquid at retail is $40 per bottle + shipping and tax.

I wouldn't recommend ordering just 1 bottle of this though! The standard 4 bottles per month would cost $160 + shipping and tax.


You can receive helpful savings with a monthly subscription, wholesale pricing, and rewards towards free product. 

If you’re starting on the ASEA REDOX Cell Signaling liquid , I'd suggest becoming a preferred customer.

At the standard dose of 4 bottles per month, it costs only $130 + tax and shipping. This saves you $30 per month.

Associates receive the greatest savings with their monthly subscription, wholesale pricing and rewards towards free products.

If you choose to become an associate, you'll have the option to share products with others while also being able to earn towards paying for your products, and then some!Pricing is the same as the preferred customer rate but you will earn commission for those who purchase from you.



Q: What does "redox" stand for?
A: "Redox" is short for reduction-oxidation, a type of chemical reaction important for energy and life in our bodies. It helps our body's metabolism work well.

Q: What is cell signaling?
A: It's how cells in our bodies talk to each other to keep us healthy. This communication helps with healing, making new cells, and lots more.

Q: Are cell signaling and redox signaling the same thing?
A: Redox signaling is a special type of cell signaling that happens when cells use certain molecules during breathing to send messages. These molecules are very important for our health.

Q: How does our body make redox signaling molecules?
A: Our cells naturally make these molecules through normal activities like breathing and eating. ASEA has also found a way to make these molecules from salt and water, which is pretty cool.

Q: Why might someone need a redox supplement?
A: Even though our bodies make these molecules, things like stress and pollution can reduce how many we have. ASEA's supplement can help add more of these molecules to keep our cells healthy.

Q: How do redox signaling molecules affect our genes?
A: In 2016, ASEA found that their supplement could make some genes work better or differently, which could help keep our bodies healthy in several ways.

Q: What does gene expression mean?
A: Gene expression is like turning a gene's information into action inside our cells. This process is crucial for our cells to work right, and ASEA's supplement might help with this.

Q: What is pathway signaling?
A: It's a chain of events started by signals that tell our cells how to respond. This can affect many things in our bodies, like heart health and how we fight off sickness.

Q: What research exists on redox signaling?
A: There's a lot! Scientists have been studying how redox processes are key to our health and have published thousands of papers on it since 1999.

Q: When did scientists discover redox signaling?
A: The study of cells began in the 1800s, but it wasn't until the late 1900s that scientists really started to understand how cells use redox signaling.

Q: How did ASEA come up with its redox technology?
A: ASEA's founder learned about redox signaling from another company's early work. Believing in its potential, he and his team developed and improved the technology, leading to ASEA's patented redox products.

Q: Are ASEA's redox products patented?
A: Yes, ASEA has patents for how they make their redox signaling products, ensuring their method is unique and protected.

Q: How can I be sure ASEA's products are safe?
A: Redox signaling is a natural process, and ASEA's products match what's already in our bodies. They've been shown to be safe and effective.

Q: Where are ASEA's products made?
A: They're made in Utah, USA, at a facility that follows strict manufacturing practices to ensure the products are safe and high quality.

asea beauty 1.jpg



Every human is bio-individual and unique. When I first started taking ASEA REDOX, it took about three to four weeks before I noticed a shift in how I felt daily. As the weeks went on, I began to feel ALIVE and clear headed for the first time in a years.

With the RENU28, I began to notice a significant decrease in pain and redness of the infection almost immediately. After a few more weeks I experienced increased blood flow, circulation and softening of my 2.5 year old adhesions. The scars and adhesions have continued to improve since using it daily.


The investment for an ASEA, three-month trial period is in line with many other supplements available on the market and was much less expensive than the weekly Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments I was doing (with literally no improvements).  

From the first moment you take ASEA your cellular community gets to work. Your cellular health is upgraded like never before. Remember to be patient, healing is a process. It's probably been years since your cells have had the support they need to signal each other and rebuild. I personally committed to a 3 month minimum with ASEA because over that 3 month period I knew there should be enough cell turnover for me to determine if ASEA was worth it for me. It was and I haven't looked back!


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