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Three years ago, you wouldn't have recognized me from this photograph. I was definitely in no shape to laugh and it was even difficult to smile most days.


I was suffering from an undiagnosed illness. My body was racked with tremors, pain, heart palpitations, chronic fatigue, elevated liver enzymes and inflammation. I didn't have the energy to be present for the things that mattered most to me: my sons and acting in film and TV. The reality was that I couldn't participate in anything in my life anymore except for lying in bed, as I had been doing almost every day for a year.

I was getting sicker by the day and I was quickly losing hope until something miraculous happened. One morning, while simultaneously meditating, praying and crying my eyes out, out of sheer desperation, from the depths of my soul, I screamed out "why!?"

I still cannot explain what happened next. I literally heard, in my right ear, "BREAST IMPLANTS." 

I looked around my room in complete disbelief since I was home alone and I had just heard a voice audibly answer me! I'd NEVER considered my breast implants as the cause of my chronic illnesses. Not one of all countless doctors I had seen ever ONCE mentioned it despite it being on all my medical records.


That's JUST the beginning of my story. I hope to share so much more with you. Especially all who wonder what the world looks like after explant surgery and restored health. I'll do my very best to tell you everything, and I mean EVERYTHING!

This is me just three years ago on the Red Carpet. It was recorded just a few days before my explant surgery. I was struggling to remember cast names and doing my best to not look as sick as I felt. This is also when I decided, on the spur of the moment, to share about breast implant illness and to tell the truth publicly for the first time.

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